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Month: January, 2011

Trend and Style Idea: White Hot

White is my favorite color. It’s clean, crisp and matches everything while providing contrast at the same time. And for the last few years, white has been a spring staple. This year is no different, with a plethora of designers sending white looks down the runway for S/S 2011.

Calvin Klein S/S 2011

White was no surprise at Calvin Klein, considering Francisco Costa’s penchant for light, feminine minimalism. This season, the hems were long and the fabrics fluid. While his collection included equally effortless looks in other colors, the whites stood out for their stark, simplistic beauty.

Chloe S/S 2011

Chloe’s artistic director, Hannah MacGibbon, was all about beige last fall. And though beige still made its presence known in her spring collection, the emphasis has shifted to white for the warmer season. MacGibbon’s spring whites definitely have a lighter feel than her fall, power-beige sportswear. The looks ranged from clean, architectural coats to flowing pleated and draped dresses.

Stella McCartney S/S 2011

Stella McCartney’s whites, however, were less diaphanous and more modern woman chic. With strong, well-cut separates, the collection embodied stylish sensibility. I’m an especially huge fan of her collared and double-breasted sleeveless tops, sexy in any color but ultra cool in white.

My favorite way to interpret spring white, from the runway to everyday, is to go with a white dress. Able to be dressed up or down, white dresses are a great base to build any outfit from.

I like Alexander Wang’s T-shirt dress for casual weekend wear. Add a denim jacket, chain necklace, gold-accented neutral accessories and you’re sunshine-ready. The look is versatile enough to take you from brunch with your family to afternoon tea with your girlfriends and out for an evening stroll down 3rd Street Promenade with a date.

For a more sophisticated daytime look, go with a white maxi dress accented with coral accessories. The bright color will pop against the fresh white, and emphasize any tan (real or fake). I like Alexandre Birman’s wood-accented ankle wrap sandals to give you some height — make sure your hem hits just above the ankles for maximum shoe show stopping effect! Top it off with a light beige vest and square bag to add structure to the look.

Finally, for uptown chic with downtown sensibility on a night out, try a knee-length draped dress like The Row’s Lindsley with strong black and white accessories. A soft leather jacket, like this one by Rick Owens, toughens up the graceful dress. A pair of Alaia shoes and a Rebecca Minkoff chain bag make the color scheme interesting with black and white contrast detailing. Minimal, classic jewelry polishes it all of for a classy, avant-garde look.

Just make sure you know a good dry cleaners, in case you’re a messy eater like me!


Collection: Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture

I’ve been a huge fan of Givenchy’s couture these last few seasons. Riccardo Tisci has a flair for the dramatic (not unlike John Galliano, before him at Givenchy) but he exhibits it in a most artistic, different and beautiful way.

This year’s collection was influenced by an experimental Japanese dance technique, Butoh, and one of its most prominent dancers Kazuo Ohno. I love the contrast between the soft elements of the gowns — pleats, embroidery, feathers — and the tough, almost shell- or armor-like structure. Two of the dresses even evoke an origami feel, with their bows and folds. I call the lavender one in the middle of the photo as a red carpet gown, potentially at this year’s Oscars. How good would Michelle Williams look in that dress?

Rear view of the three looks shown above

What’s also interesting is that Tisci chose to cast the entire collection with Asian models. It’s not out of character for him, as Tisci also famously cast his former assistant, Lea T., a transgender model for his fall 2010 ads and Stephen Thompson, an albino model, in the spring 2011 campaign. But the choice is still an intriguing one: even though the Japanese influence on the design is obvious, it’s a great moment for the representation of a minority group in the modeling world.

Front view of the entire collection

Rear view of the entire collection

Favorite looks from Givenchy's Fall 2010 Couture collection

Favorite looks from Givenchy's Spring 2010 Couture collection

Ciara at the 2010 MTV Music Awards and Zoe Saldana at the 2010 Academy Awards in Givenchy

Editorial: Vogue’s “Gangs of New York”

Grace Coddington is such an editorial genius. No wonder she’s the star of The September Issue and such a highly valued asset at Vogue. The way she interprets an idea from a stylist’s perspective exhibits her talent. There’s few editorials where I can get immersed in the story and appreciate the clothes equally, but that’s exactly what she does. Everything works together. I especially love the last photo, so Upper East Side with the kitten heels and voluminous hair.

Video: J. Crew “About a Shoe”

This short film shows J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons and her team going to an Italian shoe factory to produce shoes. Sometimes I forget that shoes are actually made by people, and this video is a great reminder of the craft that goes into producing them. Oh, and there’s some delicious looking gelatto in it too — delizioso!

Love Profession: J Brand (or Your Perfect-Fitting Jeans)

Every person has things they can’t live without. For my mom, it’s access to a large, well-lit kitchen and a huge fridge with appropriately spaced shelves. For me, it’s my mom’s food and a few other things.

I call this post a dedication because it’s not only a post dedicated to the topic, but because the topic is something I’m dedicated to as well. And for today, that topic is finding that perfect pair of body-molded jeans that you just can’t live without — which for me, happens to be a skinny pair of J Brands.

But jeans are a deeply personal issue. Some of you might be Sevens-devotees or strictly Hudsons girls. And that doesn’t matter at all.

Jeans — even though Coco Chanel wasn’t able to recognize it in her time — are a staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe. They come in all shapes and sizes and are useful for a multitude of occasions. Nothing can be dressed up or down better than a pair of jeans. And denim has come a long way from the rock-hard Levi’s you had to wash, soften and distress yourself.  Jeans off the shelf are prepared to feel like your worn-in, favorite pair right when you put them on.

Designer jeans are unreasonably expensive, there’s no denying it. But for most people, jean quality is something that is actually worth paying for. You’ll feel and see the difference while your jeans continue to look good wear after wear. And there are workarounds to getting designer jeans at a discount (see here).

Think about the things that you use every day in your life — your cell phone, your mattress, your laptop etc. How much would you pay, per day, not to lose those things? You should view the staples of your wardrobe the same way. You won’t wear them every day necessarily, but if you pick them appropriately they can last you a lifetime — like a vintage, hand-me-down Chanel… priceless!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe loves wide-leg jeans

So if jeans are a regular part of your rotation, you should consider investing in ones that are comfortable, form-fitting and well-made. A great pair of jeans should give you the confidence that no matter what you wear with them, you (and your butt and your legs) will look awesome. Even if you’re still in your pajama shirt and didn’t brush your hair, no one will ever know, because your jeans look so darn good. And hey, the messy-hair look is totally in. You could’ve meant to do that.

Finding these perfect-fitting jeans, however, is easier said than done. The best thing to do is just to try on a bunch. Dedicate a shopping day to finding a good fit. Consider the time an investment for easier jean shopping for the rest of your life. Shops that carry a variety of brands are a good place to start, like department stores such as Bloomingdales or Nordstrom. It’s also great to check out the in-house branded jeans at any store you’re a frequent shopper of — you’ll be there often anyway! I’ve had great success with Urban Outfitters BDG jeans and their styles always go on sale.

An alternative is to go to, which promises to find your perfect jeans in 2-3 minutes for a trial payment of $4.95. I’ve never used the service myself but have heard good things about it. Forking over $5 might be an attractive alternative to spending a whole day shopping for jeans if you’re pressed for time. But then again, for some of you shopping all day might seem like the better choice!

Nicole Richie looks great in a boot cut, skinny jean and flare

Once you know how different brands fit you, looking for jeans will become a lot easier. You’ll be able to buy pairs from places like Gilt and Hautelook with confidence that they’ll be the right size and look good on you. As for different styles, it’s helpful to find a cut that works for you. I’m devoted to skinny jeans but Rachel Zoe swears by flares and wide-leg cuts. Almost everyone looks good in a boot cut. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear different styles! It just helps to know what works best for you.

And when you’ve finally gotten the perfect pair (or two, or three…) you can start thinking about how to style them. Here’s one idea to get you started. The world is your oyster!

Style Idea: Grey T and Jeans

Lately I’ve been inspired by what I call “American Modern Classic” style. What I mean by that is classic American style but worn in a modern way.

When I think of what is classically American, I think of the way Reese Witherspoon dresses — she always looks simple but polished. Jeans, simple tops and flats are the staples of her wardrobe. She makes them more interesting by changing her accessories — sunglasses, bags, hats and scarves.

And so American Modern Classic is taking the Reese Witherspoon aesthetic and taking it up a notch. Trading those flats in for heels, exchanging a scarf for an embellished necklace or switching a casual bag for something with a little more pizazz. What this does is it maintains Reese’s casual cool but adds a level of sophistication. We’re talking Reese going out to dinner in Hollywood with girlfriends, not buying groceries for the kids in Brentwood (too bad we never see her dressed up that way!).

A grey jersey T shirt with skinny jeans create the perfect foundation for this look — what’s more American than a T shirt and jeans, anyway? Upgrade to jersey instead of regular cotton for a soft, draped look and go for fitted skinnies in a dark shade to keep it put together and versatile.

Add a nude Fendi tote, gold-framed aviators and pointy-toe, bowed flats and you’re set for a day of shopping at Century City in L.A. or Union Square in S.F.

Trade those accessories in for a 3.1 Phillip Lim draped blazer, a gem-bib necklace, a Proenza Schouler clutch and some Dolce Vita fringed sandals and you can hit the town hopping from your favorite sushi restaurant to drinks with a date.

Finally, throw on a cozy neutral cardigan, some sparkly Jimmy Choo flats, your trusty leather tote and a pair of wayfarers on your way to class or casual Fridays at the office for a more laid-back interpretation.

Voila! Instant American chic. Who says the French and Italians should have all the fun?

Dedication: Online Sample Sale Sites

Being chic isn’t always cheap. Those over-the-knee boots you just had to have? Man, who knew leather was so expensive. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable ways to maintain your stylish wardrobe.

Online sample sale sites are here to help! Gilt, Hautelook, Ruelala, Ideeli and Billion Dollar Babes are all great places to steal designer items for lower prices. Just make sure you get there early when the sale starts… things go fast! So head on over and sign up — your bank account will thank you.

Trend: Spring Prints

Here’s another spring trend to brighten your day — colorful prints. This year, patterns are varied but my favorites are the small and abstract like the ones shown here from Marni, Versace and Prada. These strong prints are best accompanied by neutral or bold, solid-color accessories in related shades. Throw on your designer shades and head out to play. It’s like wearing a fashion kaleidoscope.

Campaign: Prada S/S/ 11

Prada’s S/S 11 campaign shows a full-bodied and spunky spring aesthetic. With rich, earthy colors and strong stripes and prints, the looks are refreshing in the most understated of ways. The video ad is also to die for. See it after the jump.

Video: Preview Chanel’s Spring 2011 Couture

Here’s an interview from Telegraph UK with Karl Lagerfeld with glimpses into Chanel’s Spring 2011 Couture collection. Uncle K talks about what he considers the ‘top of luxury,’ being late and why he switched to wearing navy — “I suddenly discovered … that navy blue better on TV than black.” I’m in love with the patent, pointy-toed black flats the models are wearing and can’t wait to see photos from the collection when it hits the runway later today.