Craving: Bally-Rina Flats

by Tiffanie

Who doesn’t love a good pun and comfortable flats? Bally looks to provide both with its new, oh-so-adorable Bally-Rina flats. The brand released the shoe, available in two colors with matching totes — navy with white and green trim, and grass green with yellow and hot pink trim — were released in celebration of the brand’s 160th anniversary.

I adore flats. While I love myself a good pair of heels, flats are necessary for my days walking around San Francisco. Obviously not as sexy as heels, I look for flats that have details to upgrade them from being plain. I love the Bally-Rinas for their toe shape (rounded point), low sides and colorful trim. I’ve been glued to the hip (foot?) to a pair of glittering gold Jimmy Choo flats I bought last summer, but these shoes might be a worthy replacement!

I’ve yet to try the Bally-Rinas on, the true test for flats, but the New York Times ran them by two New York City Ballet dancers who both approved. If women who make their living with their feet (and have a vested interest in protecting them) consider them wearable, I’m sure I would too!