Need Caravan, Will Travel

by Tiffanie

I love a neutral palette, and today’s weather seemed appropriate for giving my outfit the khaki treatment. It was still chilly but the sun peeked out here and there, and cargo pants and a trench kept me warm but felt like lighter, spring options rather than heavy winter textures. They also made me feel ready to explore the African savanna. After getting dressed I thought of what Banana Republic used to be and couldn’t believe an entire store was built to sell safari-themed clothes.

I’d been looking for a quality white utility blouse for the longest time, and was so pleased when I found this version at J. Crew a month or so ago — basically, it’s been a fabulous love affair ever since. It’s a great wardrobe staple and it’s worth investing a little extra money for quality material that 1) isn’t too sheer, 2) doesn’t wrinkle super easily and 3) feels nice on the skin. I thought about getting an Equipment blouse but didn’t see one I loved and wanted more of a matte rather than sheen fabric.

I also tried the Sally Hansen Nail Effects stick-ons for the first time and HOLY COW THEY’RE AWESOME. I wanted to re-do my nails because my bright polish from last week was chipping, but it was late and I didn’t have time to wait for a color to dry. The leopard print only took 10 minutes to apply and no drying time!

Have you tried them?

top: j. crew // trench: burberry // pants: j brand // purse: