Sierra on the Horizon

by Tiffanie

I bought these Steve Madden boots ages ago on Gilt and have barely worn them because I can never seem to get them quite right (I think my feet are too small?). But I was feeling up for a challenge this morning and decided to give them another shot. And I’m glad I did because I didn’t wish I’d worn different shoes the second I stepped out the door today — which is what usually happens!

Despite being a city girl, I grew up in Phoenix and something about the desert and “cowboys and Indians” really speaks to me. It also doesn’t hurt that the Southwestern influence ties in nicely with a lot of popular trends right now — tribal print, crochet etc. This week has been all about trying to find summer outfits that are still warm, as it’s in the 50s here. We’re also supposed to experience some rain this weekend, which I’m not looking forward to … though it is a nice excuse to wear my cute Hunter boots.

Here’s to hoping for warmer weather and sunnier skies!

PS — If you’re wondering “what the heck is on that shirt,” the answer is that it’s an Eagles album cover!

shirt: ebay // wrap: line cashmere from hautelook
jeans: j brand // boots: steve madden