The Coveteur: Nicky Hilton

by Tiffanie

The Coveteur is one of my favorite blogs, it’s like watching MTV Cribs, except it only focuses on people with fabulous closets, and it presents it in a visually compelling and artistic way.

I’ve enjoyed many of their posts, but today I saw the feature on Nicky Hilton and was absolutely blown away. I’ve never been an especially big fan of Nicky — nor have I ever disliked her — but man did I fall in love with her closet! One of my favorite things was to see such a large portion of her it dedicated to flats. As someone who loves to walk through San Francisco, I have a special place in my heart for flats, and it’s refreshing to see her collection.

Hit up The Coveteur to see the full post, with Nicky’s commentary. Here are a few of my favorite images: