StyleMint: JewelMint for T-Shirts Designed by the Olsens, Join Now!

by Tiffanie

If you’re like me — that is, fashion obsessed but on a budget — any way to save money on your stylish purchases is much appreciated. I’ve talked before about online sample sale sites but here’s another great avenue for helping out your bank account: Online membership sites.

The sites typically try to learn what your style is, either by offering you a quiz or asking you to rate their products. You receive a selection of items at the beginning of every month and have the option to purchase any of them for the site’s lower-than-retail price. If you’re not feeling the items or are low on cash, you can “opt-out” for the month and not be charged anything. Painless!

You might be familiar with ShoeDazzle (endorsed by Kim Kardashian), Just Fabulous (teamed up with Who What Wear) or JewelMint (Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter’s project). Well here’s another one for you, backed by some of fashion’s most-embraced darlings — StyleMint by the Olsens.

Launching July 1, StyleMint is a membership site for T-shirts designed by Mary Kate and Ashley, and I’m completely on board. Blame the California girl in me, but I love a great T-shirt for throwing on over jeans when running to the grocery store or under a blazer with heels for a day at the office, and I can’t wait to see what MK+A have up their sleeves!

You should definitely sign up (and do so here). Get your e-mail in now so you can be part of the launch!