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Through the Looking Glass

Here’s some photos from earlier that I hadn’t had time to post yet. All I can think about right now is fall, and it’s ironic because this outfit is so fall, yet it was taken in the midst of summer. I love gold against black. It looks so classic and really pops. Those ankle boots are one of my recent favorite finds. I had been looking at them online for ages, until I realized that if I still wanted them after a few weeks, maybe it was time to go ahead and buy them. I’m always nervous to buy shoes without a free return policy, but these ones worked out perfectly!

top: rag&bone // shorts: madewell // shoes: topshop // accessories: michael kors watch, ccskye and tiffany’s


Pardon the Dust…

I’m thinking it’s time for a redesign. Please excuse the funkiness through the transition!

In the meantime… one of my favorite related Gap commercials:

PS — What do you think of the new design? Do you like it?