Emanating Warmth

by Tiffanie

I feel a little deceiving posting these photos. Not only were they taken awhile ago (everything about this outfit screams summer), but I’ve since cut my hair!

Nonetheless, this is an outfit that I really loved and wanted to share. The dress I’m wearing is actually a maxi skirt I bought awhile ago — long before maxis were even cool, let alone everywhere! I’ve always had a little bit of an inner bohemian and I think that’s what drew me to the skirt in the first place. I dreamt of wearing it with an embroidered tank, beaded jewelry, denim jacket and tousled hair. I’m not sure that will ever happen but this skirt really does inspire me. Because it’s white and so simple it feels like a blank canvas. But it’s also a little shapeless when worn as a dress so I added a leather jacket to give it some structure and add some toughness to its ethereal quality.

dress: maxi skirt from forever 21 // jacket: muumba
necklace: zara // shoes: pour la victoire // bag: j. crew
accessories: ray ban, michael kors, j. crew, tiffany