About Au Tiffanie’s

“I have no idea of the future — never, ever. That’s what I like about fashion. It’s paradise now.”
-Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion is undeniably beautiful — from everyday sportswear to couture gowns, it is a visual pleasure in our world. But more than just aesthetics, fashion is an art, one that every person participates in. Whether you choose to follow trends, to ignore them or to create your own, you’re still choosing and contributing to fashion.

And so my love affair with fashion goes beyond what I wear and what I consume and extends to the entire world of fashion as it is worn and consumed by millions. It’s about the art of crafting that perfect outfit, adding that unexpected touch and expressing your own identity. It’s about the supple sensuality of a fine silk shirt, the loving durability of your favorite denim and the comfort of your worn-in, walk-anywhere ballerina flats.

This blog is a dedication to that love affair and to exploring all things fashion-related. Fashion never sleeps, it is constantly evolving and I hope to share some of that here, Au Tiffanie’s. Feel free to read with breakfast.

About Tiffanie

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
-Bo Derek

Location: San Francisco
Loves: Shopping, blogging, cooking, eating, reading, traveling
Dreams Of: Lunching at the Louvre, relaxing on a tropical beach, baking the perfect chocolate chip cookies
Currently obsessed with: Missoni and Proenza Schouler — all things colorful, striped, zigzagged and otherwise patterned!