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Love Profession: Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia has the stuff fashion icons are made of. I cannot get enough of her outfit here, pictured from New York Fashion Week. Aside from the fact that she’s wearing flats, it’s an amazing dress (that color!) and such a fun clutch in zebra.


Love Profession: Joanna Hillman

I know everyone loves Anna Della Russo, but if I had to pick a fashion week best-dressed editor it would be Joanna Hillman. I love her daring and yet still classic style and her fearless approach to color and print.

(Photos: Mr. Newton, Jaystrut)

Love Profession: Lara Stone

There are plenty of beautiful models in the fashion world, each with their own distinctive looks. But for awhile now, I’ve been a little more than obsessed with Lara Stone.

As the face for Calvin Klein, she clearly has more fans than just me. And while this Dutch model is well-known for her lush and curvaceous body, it’s her Brigitte Bardot looks and gap-teeth that I really love.

The Coveteur: Nicky Hilton

The Coveteur is one of my favorite blogs, it’s like watching MTV Cribs, except it only focuses on people with fabulous closets, and it presents it in a visually compelling and artistic way.

I’ve enjoyed many of their posts, but today I saw the feature on Nicky Hilton and was absolutely blown away. I’ve never been an especially big fan of Nicky — nor have I ever disliked her — but man did I fall in love with her closet! One of my favorite things was to see such a large portion of her it dedicated to flats. As someone who loves to walk through San Francisco, I have a special place in my heart for flats, and it’s refreshing to see her collection.

Hit up The Coveteur to see the full post, with Nicky’s commentary. Here are a few of my favorite images:

Movie: “Bill Cunningham New York”

“I’ve said many times that we all get dressed for Bill” -Anna Wintour

Street style is an undeniable part of today’s fashion world, and its existence is in large part thanks to The New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham.

The documentary Bill Cunningham New York gives viewers a glimpse into the photographer behind the lens — a man who has single-handedly archived the essence of New York style for over 30 years.

I’m planning on watching this over the weekend and will be sure to let you know what I think!

If you can’t wait until then, here’s a great blog post from the Times on the movie’s subject matter: “Capturing the Elusive Bill Cunningham.”

Finally, watch the trailer here:

Love Profession: J Brand (or Your Perfect-Fitting Jeans)

Every person has things they can’t live without. For my mom, it’s access to a large, well-lit kitchen and a huge fridge with appropriately spaced shelves. For me, it’s my mom’s food and a few other things.

I call this post a dedication because it’s not only a post dedicated to the topic, but because the topic is something I’m dedicated to as well. And for today, that topic is finding that perfect pair of body-molded jeans that you just can’t live without — which for me, happens to be a skinny pair of J Brands.

But jeans are a deeply personal issue. Some of you might be Sevens-devotees or strictly Hudsons girls. And that doesn’t matter at all.

Jeans — even though Coco Chanel wasn’t able to recognize it in her time — are a staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe. They come in all shapes and sizes and are useful for a multitude of occasions. Nothing can be dressed up or down better than a pair of jeans. And denim has come a long way from the rock-hard Levi’s you had to wash, soften and distress yourself.  Jeans off the shelf are prepared to feel like your worn-in, favorite pair right when you put them on.

Designer jeans are unreasonably expensive, there’s no denying it. But for most people, jean quality is something that is actually worth paying for. You’ll feel and see the difference while your jeans continue to look good wear after wear. And there are workarounds to getting designer jeans at a discount (see here).

Think about the things that you use every day in your life — your cell phone, your mattress, your laptop etc. How much would you pay, per day, not to lose those things? You should view the staples of your wardrobe the same way. You won’t wear them every day necessarily, but if you pick them appropriately they can last you a lifetime — like a vintage, hand-me-down Chanel… priceless!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe loves wide-leg jeans

So if jeans are a regular part of your rotation, you should consider investing in ones that are comfortable, form-fitting and well-made. A great pair of jeans should give you the confidence that no matter what you wear with them, you (and your butt and your legs) will look awesome. Even if you’re still in your pajama shirt and didn’t brush your hair, no one will ever know, because your jeans look so darn good. And hey, the messy-hair look is totally in. You could’ve meant to do that.

Finding these perfect-fitting jeans, however, is easier said than done. The best thing to do is just to try on a bunch. Dedicate a shopping day to finding a good fit. Consider the time an investment for easier jean shopping for the rest of your life. Shops that carry a variety of brands are a good place to start, like department stores such as Bloomingdales or Nordstrom. It’s also great to check out the in-house branded jeans at any store you’re a frequent shopper of — you’ll be there often anyway! I’ve had great success with Urban Outfitters BDG jeans and their styles always go on sale.

An alternative is to go to, which promises to find your perfect jeans in 2-3 minutes for a trial payment of $4.95. I’ve never used the service myself but have heard good things about it. Forking over $5 might be an attractive alternative to spending a whole day shopping for jeans if you’re pressed for time. But then again, for some of you shopping all day might seem like the better choice!

Nicole Richie looks great in a boot cut, skinny jean and flare

Once you know how different brands fit you, looking for jeans will become a lot easier. You’ll be able to buy pairs from places like Gilt and Hautelook with confidence that they’ll be the right size and look good on you. As for different styles, it’s helpful to find a cut that works for you. I’m devoted to skinny jeans but Rachel Zoe swears by flares and wide-leg cuts. Almost everyone looks good in a boot cut. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear different styles! It just helps to know what works best for you.

And when you’ve finally gotten the perfect pair (or two, or three…) you can start thinking about how to style them. Here’s one idea to get you started. The world is your oyster!